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Our website is written for the person who lives daily with a non-treatable chronic disease. Our pages are written with you, the layperson in mind, and we have included a glossary to help under Health Library. This site is about the new Immunotherapy treatment, Infeperium, a new class of biologic response modifier and immunomodulator. We do our best to give you the latest and best information possible, and will be updating the site as necessary. At present our Immunotherapy treatments are only available at renown medical hospitals and Clinics in Mexico.

Our approach is holistic

Even though our immunotherapy can help reset your immune system so that your body can start to heal itself, it is important for long-term success for you to develop a lifestyle that is conducive to good health. That means proper nutrition, the right food, the right supplements and exercise. Our holistic approach treats the body, soul and spirit.

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Personalized patient care is what sets our Treatment Centers apart. When you visit one of our accredited hospitals or clinics in Mexico,  you can expect to receive world class care. Expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience. Personalized patient care at affordable prices is what  sets us apart.

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