Getting Treatment

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Medical Tourism


Mexico is a leader in Medical Tourism, a practice that has flourished in recent years. Our hospitals and Clinics are ready to serve medical tourism patients. From planning your trip to providing internationally recognized specialists. Our focus is on you achieving the best travel experience for your health.

Wellmedic Health Center
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Planning Your Treatment

First Things First

Step 1 – You start the process by filling out the Request Information Form. All information that you provide is held in the strictest of confidence.

Step 2 – We will provide you with a detailed questionnaire.

Step 3 – We will make arrangements for an initial consultation by telephone.

Step 4 – Our medical team will do an evaluation.

Step 5 – You will receive a price quote for your specific procedures, accommodations and any additional expenses.

Step 6 – Our concierge staff is available to provide full service assistance.

Step 7 – Complete follow-up once you return home, where you will be allowed by law to continue your treatment.

You will be guided through each step… the treatment process by are expert staff!

What it takes to get started..

Care & Facilities

What happens when you get home?

Facing Challenges and Risk for Wellness

Dig deeper and learn more!

If you have a non-treatable chronic illness, then you know the challenges and risks that you face everyday. You’ve had to learn to confront your fears, face disappointments, and dig deeper to learn what options are available. When the obstacles seemed too big, you didn’t quit. You’ve been willing to explore the unknown, and  that is why you found your way to our website. We can make no guarantees, but we can promise you that our treatment has worked for many. Infeperium has been proven safe and is the only known treatment that can help reset your immune system to homeostasis, so that your body can heal itself. Just as God intended.